Here in my portfolio are the original photographs, High-Dynamic Range (HDR), panoramics and black-and-whites, along with a Creative Cousins gallery where I get to have a little fun.

My photographic style is very natural and reflects life's more subtle and serene moments.

When working on an image, I strike a balance between the original event (as I can best remember it) and taking advantage of what digital cameras and post-processing have to offer.

Image correction has been performed and in some cases, objects were removed to avoid distractions, but absolutely nothing has been inserted in my original photographs.


Post-processing (even HDR) is nothing new, it's been with us from the very beginning of photography and today's digital capabilities are just a natural extension of that.


I am in the process of rebuilding my portfolio from the ground up and will present new images as they are ready. Coming soon will also be a gallery of photographs taken by my lovely wife, Michelle.

We hope you enjoy...


"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs, because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it." 


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