Photography Basics

No one is born knowing photography, we learn it.


It's a lifelong endeavor, one that compels us to pick up a camera and either capture a moment happening before us or we go somewhere to capture it.

It doesn't matter if all you take is family photos with your mobile phone or you invest in a good camera and some equipment, the principles outlined here are the same. That also applies to shooting on film or being captured on a digital sensor. 

 I've been in photography since 1976, beginning my education in a black-and-white darkroom in school and graduating to digital in 2003

For a period of time, I worked in photo retail and one of the things I absolutely enjoyed about my job was sharing my knowledge with people. In the process, we also learn from others.

There are many people out there teaching what they know about this wonderful art form and I am just adding my own bit to that.

The Camera





Setting The Exposure

The Light Meter

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