I prefer realistic photography.

Many people have said they can easily see themselves in my photographs and that is exactly what I am going for. I often use the rule-of-thirds and other compositional guidelines, while other times I want my subject dead-center.

My photographic style reflects the more subtle and serene moments of life, especially the wonderful scenery the New England region has to offer: pristine waterfalls, rustic covered bridges, lush green summers, colorful fall foliage, the seacoast and more. 

When working on an image, I try to strike a balance between the moment (as I can best remember it) and taking full advantage of what digital photography and post-processing have to offer.

In some cases, objects may have been removed to avoid distractions, but absolutely nothing has been inserted or swapped. 

In a few photos, that orange-sherbet colored water  is just what the camera recorded, the result of a nice long exposure during the fall foliage season.

The exception is the gallery for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs and the Creative Cousins gallery. 

I am pleased to also include photographs taken by my lovely wife, Michelle.

Where I once had a black-and-white film darkroom, today I have a digital darkroom.

Post-processing (even HDR) has been with us from the very beginning of photography and today's digital capabilities are just a natural extension of that. 

Ansel Adams was very excited about the possibilities of the digital image, and I believe he would absolutely have loved tools like Adobe Photoshop and such post-processing techniques now at our command. 

If you like what you see, please select an image to print or place it on a coffee mug. New images will be added as they are completed, so check back often and see what's new.

Thank you for visiting today.

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