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Welcome to my photo darkroom.

My name is Jim Dalton and I am a scenic photographer, living here in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Accompanied by my lovely wife Michelle, I use the camera to capture the world in front of me.

I got into photography when I was 13, and for years I had my own black-and-white basement darkroom. Back then, I bought my 35mm film in bulk (50 or 100 feet) and rolled them into reusable canisters. This gave me an ample supply of 24 and 36 exposure rolls.

I shot a TON of film, but unfortunately I lost it all in a flooded basement in 1989. (This is why I am such a big advocate of backing up your hard drive and your photos. Once they're gone, they're gone.)

Around 1992, I started over (keeping with 35mm) primarily using color film and in 2003, made the jump into digital photography. My favorite subjects are waterfalls, covered bridges and the New England region, especially our beautiful autumn foliage season.

But, Michelle and I have other interests, too.

Among them are being in the kitchen together (especially making pizza), building our annual Christmas winter village and camping. Where we once tent camped, these old bones just couldn't take that hard ground anymore, so we moved up to a camper.

Nothing beats a good camp fire under the stars and many of these photographs were taken on just such trips. With camping, as in photography, we should leave nothing but footprints.

I will be adding new content as it is finished, so check back often to see what's new.

If you like what you see here, I hope you will tell your friends, and maybe purchase an item (or two). Thanks for visiting today...

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Christmas Village

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