I prefer realistic photography. Many people have said they can easily see themselves in my photographs and that is exactly what I am going for.

My photographic style reflects the more subtle and serene moments of life, especially the wonderful scenery the New England region has to offer: pristine waterfalls, rustic covered bridges, lush green summers, colorful fall foliage, the seacoast and more. 

When working on an image, I try to strike a balance between the moment (as I can best remember it) and taking full advantage of what digital photography and post-processing have to offer.

Image correction has been performed and in some cases objects may have been removed to avoid distractions, but absolutely nothing has been inserted or manipulated beyond how the moment was originally captured - that orange-sherbet water color which comes from a long-exposure is what the camera recorded.

The exception is the gallery for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs.

HDR simply blends different exposures together to increase detail.

I prefer HDR that looks natural, not the cotton-candy, tear-your-eyes-out look people normally associate with bad HDR. 

Post-processing (even HDR) has been with us from the very beginning of photography, and today's digital capabilities are just a natural extension of that. Where I once had a black-and-white darkroom, over time I have converted and refined those techniques in my digital darkroom. 

I am pleased to also include photographs taken by my lovely wife, Michelle. 

New images will be posted as they are finished. So check back often to see what's new and thank you for visiting today.

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